Being a member the Advisory Board of Grupo Develop Foundation, means basically to be linked to a group of organizations concerned about doing things in the right way as both efficiently and transparently. It involves a strong commitment and the conviction for continuous improvement of all Entities which are represented and committed to maintain cooperation and not competition relations.

This year we are committed in the growth and development of the NETWORK by including more benefits and more tools to participate, considering that we are  always open to new proposals from the partners to improve both internal and external impact.

Given the fact that this is always an important advantage, being a member of our Network gives other interesting benefits:

  • The fact that there are organizations involved in all kinds of social groups brings a wealth that  other specific networks of specific sectors of intervention do not provide .
  • Managed and shared expertise is created from the Public Authorities, Social Organizations, Universities and Social Organizations.
  • Synergies and new multidisciplinary projects are generated. It incorporates various groups in joint programs. Sometimes as a proposal from the Foundation and others it is a proposal from the Entities belonging to the network.
  • It is a privileged space for knowledge and best practices exchange.
  • Small organizations have a voice here, which in other plaforms they may not have.
  • Cost saving strategies for the organizations that belong to the network are sought.
  • The benefits to our network are for LARGE, SMALL, NGOs, BUSINESSES, (also large and small) PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, UNIVERSITIES (students, researchers, teachers).


  •  20% discount on COMPAR-T tool (which is free in some cases).
  • 20% discount on ARALIA center facilities.
  • 30% discount on assessment services services to obtain MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL COMMITMENT RECOGNITION (free in some cases for partners with other advisory services). Access to special prices and conditions for companies asociated to the network.
  • 20% discount on services (Technical Advice Management, Quality, and Environmental Strategies).
  • Special price for presentation / formulation of national or international projects.


  • Access to the “MUEVE LA BOLA” program.
  • Participation in research groups.
  • Proposal for local days of your area of influence.
  • Participation in joint grants with other network MEMBERS.
  • Portal recruitment and management jobs.
  • Free participation in the Annual Congress.
  • Participation preferred User Conference.


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